Parent Perceptions and Family Stress: Implications for Treatment Seeking for Children with ASD Across Systems 

The overarching aim of the multiple and connected PeP studies is to explore relationships between parent cognitions, affective responses, social supports, and child-specific characteristics as predictors of treatment selection and decision-making for families impacted by autism spectrum disorder, from families across the U.S.  Currently, we are expanding these studies to (a) explore protective factors and positive coping among families impacted by ASD, and (b) better understand the perspective of families with demographically and socioeconomically diverse backgrounds.  

Enhancing Capacities for Direct Service Providers Working with Youths with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The focus of the Enhancing Capacities projects are to investigate factors and mechanisms of increasing direct service providers' confidence and competence in serving children who have autism spectrum disorders and their families, across settings. Undertaken in collaboration with community-based partners including providers in community mental health and primary care. 

Stress & Perceptions in Parents of Children with Developmental Disorders + Problem Behaviors: The Impact of Functional Analysis and Function-Based Treatment

This interdisciplinary study aims to investigate the interrelationships among the function of problem behavior, function-based treatment, parent perceptions, and parent stress among parents of children with developmental disorders + problem behaviors, using a combination of direct observational and parent-report measures. The primary aim of this exploratory study is to investigate how parent- and child-specific factors may impact treatment efficacy, implementation integrity, and maintenance of treatment gains, as well as to explore the impact of function-based treatment on parent perceptions and stress.  

Academic Skill Measurement for Children with Executive Functioning Challenges

UH*sparc has recently partnered with UH's Dr. Keller-Margulis and her research team to investigate academic skill measurement of written expression among students with executive functioning challenges, which are commonly found among those with ASD.