About UH*sparc

UH*sparc (School Psychology Autism Research Collaboration) is a research team led by Dr. Sarah Mire within the PhD in School Psychology program of the Department of Psychological Health and Learning Sciences (PHLS) and College of Education at the University of Houston.

The mission of UH*sparc is to improve child outcomes by positively impacting the functioning of those in the systems immediately surrounding a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)-- this includes families, direct service providers, and school personnel.  Specific goals of UH*sparc research include: 

  • understanding child, family, and regional factors contributing to various ASD treatment choices (e.g., school-based, psychosocial and behavioral, psychotropic, etc.), across settings; 
  • exploring the interplay between cognition, affective responding, and behaviors related to treatment, such as choosing, pursuing, and implementing treatments; and
  • investigating whether and how change in one domain influences change in other domains.  

We work toward our mission by developing and maintaining collaborative research efforts to inform collaborative practice-based relationships between key stakeholders to benefit children with ASD.